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In the south we are blessed with a vast amount of different Belize dive sites to fit most diver’s request. Our Dive Center is ideally positioned to access some of the most spectacular atoll diving in the world. You are promised to see a lot of beautiful sea corals, reef sharks, green moray eels, rays, turtles, crabs, lobsters and a variety of colorful reef fish such as spotted drums, creole wrasse, squirrel fish and a host of others swimming along the reef edge feasting away.


The Inner Reef dive sites that we access from our dive center are Laughing Bird Caye National Park and Robert's Caye. When diving these sites you can expect to see fish such as spotted drums, blue tangs, wrasse, goby's and much more.  Here divers will find most of the gorgonians, known in the Caribbean as sea fans, sea whips, sea plumes, sea rods as well as cleaner shrimps, yellow line arrow crab, southern stingrays, eagle rays and sometimes the possibility of seeing a manta ray swimming above. The inner reef dives are planned to a maximum depth of 60ft with water temperatures ranging from 79 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility of 70ft. These locations are perfect for novice divers and students doing their check out dives.

Laughing Bird Caye National Park 
Experience: Novice
Depth Rating: 15ft to Surface
Location: 11 miles East of RG Dive Center
Access: Boat
GPS Location: N 16 degrees 26.589 & W 088 degrees 11.891

Robert's Caye
Depth Rating: 15ft to Surface
Locations: 10 Miles East of Dive Center
Experience Rating: Novice
GPS Location: N16 degrees 36.041 & W 088 degrees 11.041


Glover's Reef is a two hour boat ride from our Dive center, but you are certain to appreciate Glover's Reef with its crystal clear water and the abundance of sea creatures and reef fish. Glover's Reef is lotted off as a spawning ground for the Black and Nassau Groupers which add even more sea life to the dense traffic that is already there. You are sure to find yourself a turtle or two along the wall and brief visits from curious black tip reef sharks. While in Placencia this dive is a must do to get  a full appreciation of what we have to offer divers.
Experience: Novice
Depth Rating: 30ft from the surface
Location:30 miles NE of RG
Access: Boat
GPS Location: N 16 degrees 42.618 & W 087 degrees 51.770

The Great Blue Hole at the Lighthouse Atoll

The Lighthouse Atoll is the home of the 8th wonder of the world, The Great Blue Hole. This dive site is a dark blue perfect circle that is about 1000ft across and 400ft deep.  The entire Atoll is a world heritage site, filled with a variety of coral formations, crustaceans and fish, that make it one of the most famous and popular dives in the world.  After diving past the coral that decorates the rim you will be transported to the mysterious world of huge shell encrusted stalactites and formations riddled with holes. These were formed when the cave roof collapsed thousands of years ago.  Curious reef and bull sharks are a regular sight here and the bottom is a coral graveyard littered with shells and an errant crab or two.
Experience: Advanced Divers or Higher Rating
Depth Rating: 15ft from surface
Location: 65 miles NE Of RG
Access: Boat
GPS Location: N 17 degrees 18.851 & W 087 degrees 32.077

Gladden Spit

Gladden spit is home to the biggest fish in the ocean as we know it, The Whale Shark. Despite their size divers have nothing to worry about because they eat nothing bigger than plankton, baitfish or small squids. These giants visit this particular dive site annually between the months of April through June to feast on the spawn of snappers, namely the cuberas and mutton that congregate every year, giving divers the unique opportunity to dive along with these sharks.  This is an opportunity no diver should miss seeing. Gladden spit is the only site you are allowed to dive with these sharks.
Experience: Divers with 20 plus dives
Depth Rating: 100ft from Surface
Location: 23 miles from RG
Access: Boat
GPS Location: N 16 degrees 30.579 & W 087degrees 57.669

Ranguana Caye

The most southern getaway island in Belize, known for its outside reef that is a great attraction for both diving and snorkeling, is Ranguana Caye. While snorkeling you can see beautiful coral, colorful reef fish, lobsters, nurse sharks and much, much more. The dives at Ranguana include sites such as Ranguana Grand Canyon and the ever popular Fox Hole, which is one of the most special wall dives you will find in Belize. The depth of the wall starts from 20ft to 30ft and goes to approximately 3000 ft with visibility of a 100 plus feet of crystal blue water. Don't be shocked to see a hammerhead shark cruising along the reef edge!  Our first dive, which is a wall dive, is usually planned to a maximum depth of  100 ft followed by a Canyon dive to a depth of 50 ft, with water temperatures ranging from 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. You can go in the water in a shorty wetsuit and be very comfortable. If you decide to bring the children along they can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water.  We also have kayaks and beach fishing to add great fun to your adventure and to top it off enjoy our popular beach bar-b-que for lunch.

Experience Rating: Novice
Depth: from surface to edge of reef is 20ft.
Location: 21 miles SE of Robert's Grove Dive Center
Access: Boat
GPS Location: N 16 degrees 19.931 & W 88 degrees 09.082

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