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Belize Mooring Schedule

They are newly installed anchor mooring buoys, for sailing or power boats, installed by Placencia Mooring Masters (PMM) and sponsored by Robert’s Grove Beach Resort - mooring buoy project. The New buoys are marked with tonnage load if it doesn't say 60T then it will be 40T maximum load.

NOTE: Advised type of wind each new mooring is recommended to be used.

Mooring schedule for Robert's Caye

Mooring location
GPS coordinates Depth Pin Type Comments
A. 1 North
16°36.048N  088°11.124W 14ft 2 manta 60T mooring - East wind only
B. 2 West
16°36.015N   088°11.105W 15ft 2 manta 60T mooring - East wind only
C. 3 South
16°36.017N  088°11.110W 20ft 2 manta 60T mooring - East & East Wind
D. 4 East
16°36.044N  088°10.963W 26ft manta 40T mooring - North wind only

Mooring schedule for Ranguana Caye

H. Ranguana Caye 2
N16*19.852    W088*09 13' East wind
Ha. Ranguana Caye
East of Ranguana 2 8' East wind
Hb. Ranguana Caye
East of Ranguana 2 9' East wind

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