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Habanero Restaurant at Robert's Grove Beach Resort

Habanero Restaurant


Robert's Grove Beach Resort (part five)

A taste of Mexican influence in Belize.  This Restaurant is located on Robert's Grove Resort's
overlooking the placid shimmering waters of the Placencia Lagoon. We have the most
 beautiful sunsets over the mountains and almost constant, cooling Caribbean breeze.

With a casual laid back atmosphere and the best margaritas and sangrias
in Belize(by the pitcher people!) , you can gather here to relax and share the days
 excitement with your group of fellow vacationers. 

The menu offers zesty Mexican dishes sure to please, such as guacamole
made with fresh avocados and served with crunchy chips, fresh ceviche
 made with conch or shrimp. My favorite, Pibil, a pulled pork specialty that is superbly
 moist and tender. There is also a wide range of tropical cocktails to delight your
eyes as well as your taste buds.

 Chimichanga your way on down for our all you can eat Mexican buffet night
 every Tuesday, featuring live Mariachi Musicians and pitcher Margaritas.
Viva Habaneros!


TUESDAYS – Mexican Buffet

All you can eat lavish buffet with all the trimmings, such as refried beans, 
meats, onions, tomatoes, cheeses etc... Includes live Mexican mariachi music.


THURDAYS – Tacos Night

Create your own taco from a wide variety of choices! Including shredded meats,
cheeses, onions, fresh cilantro, lime wedges, pepper sauces, fresh hot tortillas and more!


– Churrascarias

Pork or Beef cooked “Churrasco style”, which translates
roughly from the Portuguese for 'BBQ'. Cooked to tender perfection and pulled apart,
it is perfect.


– Paella Night

Valencian seafood rice dish that originated in the mid-19th

century, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Add a Belizean twist with fresh
ingredients grown in our organic garden or caught in our bountiful Caribbean Sea!

 Habanero Restaurant takes it's name from the Habanero pepper. It is 2nd only to the ghost
pepper in extreme burning hotness! The Habanero adds delicious flavor to any dish and 
is loved by most Belizeans as a topping for rice and beans. We have many varieties of 
peppers in Belize and enjoy trying ones we don't grow as well. Here are some great
peppers arranged in order of hotness!

Review on TripAdvisor

"I had the pleasure of dining at Habanero Mexican Cafe & Bar recently and as much as I love Mexican food (all types) I find that Quesadillas is always a favorite of mine no matter where I dine when it comes to Mexican cuisine. With that said, I have to say that I found my secret spot that has the best Quesadillas I've ever eaten, and I have traveled a lot! I don't know what Chef Hector did to that meal but it was simply AMAZING! The flavors were just incredible, from the salsa to the guacamole, fried black beans, the freshly made flour tortillas, and the seasoning of the chicken! I would eat the Quesadillas at Habaneros everyday if I hats off to you Chef Hector! Not only did I enjoy my meal but the ambiance was simply serene, overlooking the beautiful lagoon with all the boats at the marina. Anivar, our waiter was just so attentive as well, he made sure we were enjoying our meal! The entire staff just seemed very friendly. And to top of my day at Habanero, Chef Hector recommended the dessert "HELADO FRITO" when we were served our dessert I was speechless as to how beautiful it was but the taste, I have no words to say...I enjoyed my meal and I have to say I am definitely coming back!"

Visited June 2013

 Don't miss the paella at Habanero's! 

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