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The Moorings Yacht Charters Dive at Robert's Grove!

A Fan Letter to Robert's Grove Beach Resort

Recently a group from The Moorings five star yacht Charters had the pleasure of diving in Belize,
 with Robert's Grove Beach Resort. They enjoyed the experience with our five star Padi Dive Masters so much that
 Elizabeth Woodruff sent us a wonderful thank you.

"Hi Francisco,

I just wanted to thank you, Duran and your support crew for the fabulous time the divers had in Belize.

Out of the four new divers, there are three that sound like they definitely want to go ahead and get their certification - Chris, Jennifer and Amelia.  They were all so very excited about the dives, and Jennifer and Amelia would have done the Saturday dive as well, except that they wanted to spend the last day with their parents; they all live very far away from each other.


And the fourth, Diane, would never have accomplished her goal of diving had you not been so supportive and reassuring to her.  I'm not sure that she will pursue diving, but she was absolutely thrilled that she was able to do the dives that she did, and I know that it is all because of your support and patience.

Chris, who also did Saturday's dive with Debby and me (with Duran as the dive master) has also expressed to me how excited she is about this new underwater world, and will probably get certified as well.

Finally, a great big THANK YOU from me!  As you could probably tell, I was very excited about doing these dives, and am delighted that we were able to make all three of the days work.  I greatly appreciate that you went out of your way to pick us up from the boats, and so glad that the final rendezvous at Ranguana worked.


Thanks to Duran for being a great dive master - he pointed out several smaller creatures to me during the dives, and I greatly appreciated that, as well as his knowledge and expertise about fish that I didn't recognize during the dive.

We all had a fabulous time in your lovely country, and your efforts opened up that magical underwater world to all the divers, especially the four 'newbies'.


Again, a heartfelt thank you!  It was really a pleasure working with you!"


Elizabeth Woodruff

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