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Secret Elopement at Robert's Grove Beach Resort, Placencia Belize.


A romantic story of elopement at Robert's Grove




Lingering in the back of our minds was getting married and we thought what better place or time to do so, right??  She and I discussed it in length and decided we should elope with my parents - without them knowing it .

 Our plan was made and several dozen phone calls and emails later and we had our "secret" set up with your staff, too.

I have to tell you that both Pauline and Roberto were absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to deal with. Most of my calls and emails were handled by them... and I am sure they were tiring, but they handled everything, with speedy responses, full of smiles, laughs, suggestions and wonderful things to say. Kudos to them.

Roberto's handling of our marriage on the beach.... PERFECT! We couldn't have been happier. He did everything we wanted and more. He made everything flow smoothly and every possible thing was done. From the beach setting with the flowers, the heart.... the ceremony itself, the cake and Champagne... even our bedroom - perfect!

Luis, our driver... full of smiles and dedication. My elderly parents have difficulties walking, but Luis handled them with kindness and respect. Thank-you, Luis. Floret, at the front desk... Always polite, friendly, funny and handled our every need. She pointed us in the right direction when we needed it and covered every detail for us. Morris, at the bar - has an interesting background, was very entertaining and we enjoyed talking with him. His service, too, was exemplary. Eduardo and the entire dining staff..... All "keepers" as I say. Folks you want representing your business. And they all are. Chef Gilbert; exquisite food, wonderfully presented and everything was fresh, tasty, and made for perfect dining.

Next door at Habaneros we went for the Mexican buffet and it was FANTASTIC. The Chef, (Phillip Shall, Phillip Liston or Hector Hernandez), was table side.....and everything was Perfecto!. We all spoke about the food and how wonderful it was. Our waiter that evening, Franklin...wonderful man. It was raining the evening of the buffet and my umbrella slipped off the porch and over the side. I thought I would come back the next morning, when I could see it to retrieve it. Franklin, hearing of my plight and with flashlight in hand, climbed over the rail in the rain and got it for me. Thank- you, Sir! Another wonderful experience you made for us. We enjoyed it so much, we came for lunch the next day.

After a dive trip, (another fantastic experience) we came back to Habaneros for a beer and met your bartender, Liston. Tall, handsome guy... another "keeper". We had great conversations with him over the next few days... and he taught us much about Belize, the people,the languages... even discussed Rum - we talked about a lot of things and we enjoyed each of our conversations with him.

So, Mr. Tasse I want you to thank them all for us... That is the favor I ask. Let each of them know how much we appreciated everything they did to make our stay at Robert's Grove so enjoyable.

Oh, and we will be back, too! Whoever decided to do marketing on the LivingSocial website did a good thing.

Rick & Lyn Longlott

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