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Ocean Rescue Swimmer Course 2014!

Robert's Grove Beach Resort in Placencia, Belize, is pleased to present the graduates of the Ocean Rescue Swimmer Course!


Fire Management Consultant International and Robert's Grove Beach Resort congratulates all those who participated in and completed the Ocean Rescue Swimmer Course!  This course was offered on May 20th to the 22nd and there was a ton of learning going on during those three days... The Best way to start any new learning experience it to just jump in!


The Rules and steps of Ocean (water) Rescue are as numerous as the type of conditions you may face and ways people can get into trouble out there. Neither rain...

(Each participant was instructed in steering a dinghy or small craft out to the victims)



Nor Waves...

(Participants learned to carry victims on hard boards through the waves and up onto the beach to safety)



Nor heavy loads would stop this group of eager heroes!

(Carrying the victims to safety involves supporting them on a hard surface to prevent further damage to the spine and makes moving the unconscious victims easier)



But it wasn't all hard work... After all they were at a resort for three days! They all got to enjoy the luxury of walking along the beach...

(victims should be carried to safety away from the water and preferably somewhere sheltered from the elements)



Go kayaking with some new friends...

(Unconscious victims must be pulled out of the water and onto a raft to be transported to safety)



Visit the new artificial reef project!!

(Dividing the responsibility is very important, one to lead, two to steady the raft carrying the victim and one to support the head and possibly start CPR)



Play Tug-of-War!?!

(Forming a hand to hand or rope line can be the safest way to reach a victim in dangerous waters)



HIde and Seek under the pier!!!

(Listening to your instructors is imperative to avoid putting everyone's lives at risk!)



and at the end of a long day take a refreshing dip in the pool.

(Learning in a safe and controlled environment can be beneficial to all concerned)



And at the end of the course each participant left with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence in knowing that the next time someone needs their help in the water they will be able to jump in and save a life. We applaud each and every one of you for being willing to take your time to learn the safe and correct way to rescue someone in the water We need more heroes like you.


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