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Welcome! to our new Office Administrator

Ms. Chantal Garcia is the new Office Administrator at Robert’s Grove Beach Resort. Ms. Garcia is responsible for the day-to-day operation of our resort, including the maintenance of our activities and roles on Facebook with new announcements, and the management of the housekeeping. She is also responsible for providing administrative leadership for the heads of departments and is the point of contact for both of our lovely cayes, Ranguana and Robert’s Caye.

Ms. Garcia was responsible for the organizing of our Maintenance Department, and did an excellent job doing so. She is a vibrant young lady with a keen eye and a passion for organizing and leadership. We are happy to have her as a team-mate and welcome her to the Robert’s Grove family!

Here's Chantal's story in her own words:

I was born on June 15th 1987 to Ms. Lorraine Morris and Mr. Elvin Garcia. I attended Sacred Heart Primary School for 5 years, then was transferred to Faith Nazarene School in 1994 where I entered my first Spelling Bee Competition. I didn’t win, but it was a fun experience. I tried again in 1996 and again in 1999 where I won first place in zone finals and came in 4th at District Finals- a proud moment. I graduated from primary school in 2000, then enrolled at Sacred Heart College. On my second year, my interest was diverted a little and I decided to venture in the science department, and so in 2004 I graduated with level 1 CXC’s in English and Spanish and a level 2 CXC in Biology. I applied at the University of Belize in that same year where I completed 2 years in the Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Pharmacy. After that I realized that my passion lied in English and Communications. I loved English and talking to people, organizing and putting things into perspective and so I did not return to complete my third year. In June of 2008 I was working at Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio under the supervision of Ms. Lucellie Canto. I was responsible for back office filing, organizing accounts in QuickBooks and  the day-to-day bookkeeping. In 2009 I met Rendell Burgess and moved to the beautiful Placencia Village. On October 24th 2010, I gave birth to my first and only child, Jaivon Jibril Burgess.

In 2011 I enrolled at the ITVET in San Ignacio where I successfully completed a program that Beltraide was offering in the Business Process Outsourcing Program on December 2nd. It entailed training in the Customer Relations Services, telesales, back office processing and call center procedures. I was finally certified to do what I wanted to do all my life, and so in March of 2012, I got an opportunity to prove myself at the renowned Robert’s Grove Beach Resort. In 11 days I successfully organized the Maintenance Department and did inventory, much to my own surprise. After that task, I was promoted to a higher position due to the fine work that I did, and now I am the Office Administrator. I do not consider it ‘work’, as if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. I am proud to be a part of Team Robert’s Grove and for as long as I am here, I will expedite nothing but quality of work, just and worthy organizing and on the way, help the Resort to upkeep the well-deserved “Certificate of Excellence” awarded by TripAdvisor! Thank you Jean-Marc Tasse, for giving me an opportunity to shine! 

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