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My tour to the Silk Cayes

I woke up on a bright sunny morning with a 80-85 degrees climate. We gathered at the Roberts grove marina at 8am and were given a brief introduction. After filling out release forms and choosing diving gears we boarded the second largest boat in the marina called the Dorado. Captain William was behind the wheels of steel he called for boarding and we set off trough the Placencia lagoon towards the Caribbean Sea. It was a combined pax of 19 including locals Belizeans and foreigners. They were really excited and outgoing, the group had some great divers like me and some not so good swimmers like chef hector.

We travelled for an hour to an hour and a half until we arrived at these private cayes know as silk cayes the ocean surrounding it was so beautiful and the scene was breath taking. The sea was a little choppy but the water was crystal clear. Imagine silky sands coming through your toes. The sun was right over our horizon lighting up our day. We immediately got an introduction and rules and regulations was being forwarded. We were then split up in groups and headed straight in the water; lead by professional guides we were fearless. Immediately we spotted sharks and headed straight in their direction stress free knowing that we were dealing with nursing sharks. The reef is home to twenty plus species of fish all in different shape, size, color and motion. The corals light up the underworld creating awesome reflection that leaves the eyes stunned . we circled the entire island observing sting rays, star fish, jelly fish , squids, octopus, and a wide range of unfamiliar creatures. After our fist dive we came back on the island the first thing I could see and smell was food!!!. An island barbq was prepared along with a buffet style of side orders and fruits the taste was finger licking. After lunch scrap food was out to arouse guests and animals, the most attractive was the nursing shark coming directly at our feet. After taking a fifteen to twenty mins break we head back in the salty Caribbean Sea, This time we drifted into deeper waters towards a huge patch of corals. Upon arrival we came across a few lion fish, lobsters eels, sting rays, jelly fish and conch. This dive was short, sweet and deep. 

We heading back on board it was cold my eyes were salty and my back was burned up bad but it was bearable. Mr. Francisco insisted that we did this last dive so he started throwing scrap food. A sea turtle shouted chef hector that was my go so I grabbed my diving gear and jumped in. I circled the boat and saw how it feed. It cracked the conch shells as if it was sunflower seeds, after a few mins it drifted away into open water. My name is Melvin Dawson and this is what I live for thanks to everyone that made my experience at silk caye and Roberts grove possible it was a breath taking experience that I would never forget. I believe that it is time to share with guest my firsthand experience and why they should choose Roberts grove .    

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