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PADI 5 star Diving

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5 Star PADI Dives with Robert's Grove Beach Resort, Belize.

Gateway to underwater paradise!

(part 2)

Robert's Grove Beach Resort is a unique vacation destination. We offer one of the only 5 Star PADI Dive Centers in Belize and it  is located on the grounds of the Resort, so everything you need is at your fingertips. Nothing could be more convenient than, after a long and wondrous day of diving the amazing sites that Belize offers, you dock at your resorts marina and walk a few steps to your room. Then get cleaned up and out the door for an evening of swimming, beach-combing, or having cocktails and  dining, all steps away and within your resorts grounds.

With our Dive Masters you can experience the wonders of the top rated dive sites in the world! You will be transported to the bright, colorful underwater paradise of the most beautiful atolls in existence. Belize lays claim to three of the four true atolls (a ring shaped coral reef with a coral rim that encircles a lagoon) in the hemisphere and Robert's Grove chose two of the best for you to experience. Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Glover's Reef Atoll. Add to them the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve and every possible aspect of diving in Belize is available to you. Some, like the pictures below, more unusual than others!

Our tour of Glover's Reef takes you to crystal clear waters teeming with diverse species of fish including Goliath Black and Nassau Grouper, schools of horse-eyed Jacks, curious black tip reef sharks and Atlantic Spade Fish and so many more. It's remote location  ensures that the crowds are few and far between. This allows for a more diverse array of aquatic life forms, especially the 20 to 30 foot tall coral towers that are mainly found here. Octopus Alley is enjoyable during the day and night with numerous lobster, crabs and shrimp going about their daily search for food. They crawl among the huge barrel and tube sponges, coral fronds and anemones perhaps unaware of the beauty surrounding them. Watch the turtles frolic and the graceful rays glide by as you swim in awe alongside. Jaques Cousteau chose Long Caye Wall as his favorite dive site in Belize. It's 2,000 ft. sheer drop is considered to be a world class diving site.

The Lighthouse Reef Dive Site features one of the most well known Scuba sites in the world.  The 8th wonder of the world The Great Blue Hole! Beautiful and mysterious it is truly an awe inspiring experience. This Dive includes sea walls that are riddled with tunnels, and larger areas you can swim through, all filled with colorful coral fronds and vibrant schools of tropical fish ranging in sizes from the hungry sharks and undulating Eagle Rays  on down to the little orange and white clown fish living in the swaying anemones.  See garden eels snaking their way in and out of shadowy crevices and schools of Yellowtail Snappers darting this way and that in search of food.

The Gladden Spit Marine Reserve, in the center of Belize's Barrier Reef, is a protected area and your visit will help it to continue to be protected. Each year, starting around March, the Reserve becomes the temporary home to the migrating gentle giants, the Whale Sharks. Diving with these mammoth fish is an awe inspiring experience. Reaching over 40 feet and weighing up to 30 tons (66,000 lbs) their size is intimidating, yet they are completely harmless. The waters in Belize are rich in tiny plants and animals, known as plankton, that the whale sharks passively filter through their grill like teeth.  Whale Sharks can only reproduce after reaching the ripe old age of 20 to 30 years old so we all need to help them get there. As many as 800 come to our waters to gorge on plankton and fish eggs from the spawning dog and Cubera Snapper fish (the more fish available for spawning , the more whale sharks will come to eat, so protecting the fish in turn protects the whale shark). Then, when full and satisfied, the females will go off to the deep waters of the ocean to give birth!  During a prolonged period of live births (a unique method of reproduction, they are ovoviviparous) a female Whale Shark can have as many as 300 pups! These massive gentle creatures are still being hunted in the Philippines, and a few other places, so we must help them here in Belize for the future generations.

We also offer Inner Reef diving at Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Robert's Caye (private island owned by the Resort), and Ranguana Caye (exclusive to Robert's Grove) all of which are unique diving experiences and are sure to be filled with the vibrancy and exotic variety that the Caribbean Sea around Belize is renowned for. Blogs highlighting these sites are on there way soon! So keep checking in. And for the latest and greatest in Diving images and videos from Robert's Grove and our past guests like our Dive Roberts Grove Facebook Page.

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