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Habanero Bakery and Deli

"Habanero Bakery"

 Bakery and Deli

Robert's Grove Beach Resort Belize (part 4)


Our own personal resort bakery and deli provides our restaurants with freshly baked
European style artisan breads.  The Pastry Chef Adrian Quetzal comes highly 
qualified and specializes in scrumptious cakes. All of Placencia is flocking to the 
Habanero bakery to taste his wares. As you can see he likes to challenge himself
to come up with new and delightful edible creations. Thick loaves with crusty tops hot
from the oven... The smell is heavenly!  You can choose from Whole-wheat,
 multi-grain, rye, baguettes, croissants and fresh pastries.

   Take a few loaves and some deli meats and cheeses back to your room 
for a late snack or make some sandwiches for a picnic on the beach. 
Include some of our home-made jellies and pates and you are ready to go.
Just look at the glaze on those cinnamon rolls, I know it's making me hungry! 

 Plan your birthday or wedding here at Robert's Grove and the bakery 
can make a personalized cake just for you for any occasion. This one was obviously 
inspired by the surrounding sea. And if you are planning a beach wedding what better
theme for your wedding cake! Each cake is a artful masterpiece designed with the 
bride in mind.

If you want a more elegant affair, nothing says fancy more than a many tiered cake,
set on an embossed stand and topped with gorgeous hot orange Lilies and exotic
Anthuriums. Of course we have a plethora of flowers available in Belize.
They spring up wild everywhere, so there is sure to be a few in just the right color
to top your wedding cake.

The welcoming friendly bakery staff are as warm as the loaves of bread fresh from the oven.
They put extra care and love into every baked good they create. Belizeans on a whole are 
accepting and warm hearted and the staff at Robert's Grove are shining examples of this.

 Are you in the mood for a light and airy fruit mousse, flavorful espresso, sweet
and crunchy tiramisu or rich red velvet cake? The list of possibilities is endless! 
Just look at all the pictures on facebook to get an idea of what lies in store!
So whether you're craving a healthy, hearty sandwich, or something a little more 
decadent, we have it all here at Robert's Grove Beach Resort's Habanero Bakery and Deli!

 Excerpt from TripAdvisor Review

"Only the freshest salads and sandwiches will do for this impeccable chef! My wife and I came for lunch one afternoon and were totally impressed with the flavors that we thoroughly enjoyed. We were told about a special dinner that was planed for the following evening which involved a throw down labeled "East meets West" What an evening of great flavors. Habanero is a ray of hope in a sometimes dismal restaurant scene. This is a must have for us and hopefully you too! See you all soon, until then stay hungry my friends."

"The pastry chef from the bakery on the property provided different goodies every morning. The apple donuts were amazing. The same pastry chef baked a cake for my daughter's birthday and we all enjoyed that. "

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