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Why Belize?

Invest in Belize beachfront real estate and position yourself for adventure. Belize activities available right outside the doorstep of RG's Club range from Mayan ruin explorations, to scuba diving through schools of unusual, colorful fish, to watching whales skim the surface of the cool waters. Click here to Learn more about Belize.

Diverse Cultures Living in Harmony

Belize has a rich history beginning in 17th century with the ancient Maya. Also in the 17th century Spain settlers explored the country. Over the years, it survived war, piracy and slavery until being declared a British colony - British Honduras - in 1871. It gained self-government in 1964, chose the name Belize in 1973 and became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1981.

Today you'll find a cultural mosaic in Belize - ancient Maya people, Spanish and British, African, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and Indian influences - and the result is a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds living in harmony.

The official language of Belize is English, and unlike many other countries in Central America, Belize has a relatively modernized infrastructure with safe food and clean drinking water. Looking towards the future, Belizeans recognize the incomparable value of their abundant wildlife, rainforests and coral reefs and in the last decade have moved to protect over 40% of the country with marine reserves, parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Belize became an independent country in 1981
  • The Belize Dollar has a fixed rate of $2BZ=$1US
  • US currency and traveler's checks in US currency are widely accepted in Belize.
  • Credit cards can be used in most tourist destinations in Belize.
  • Belize Same electricity voltage and plugs as in the US.
  • Belize is located within the Central Time Zone and does not observe daylight savings time.
  • Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America.

Embracing Opportunities and Responsibilities

Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, with a stable democratic government established along the model of the British parliamentary system. Belize is divided into six districts, with each district electing members to the House of Representatives.

With a commitment to open and prudent government, the Belize administration, under the command of Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, leads a mission of national reconstruction, realizing the limitless possibilities that reside in a people glowing with potential and a nation blessed with wealth.

The new Belize administration, having embraced their opportunities and responsibilities, and empowered by the collective will and optimism of the people of Belize, is strengthened by the confidence and goodwill of their international partners in development and believes their nation will endure, prosper, and attain its fullest potential, notwithstanding the enormous domestic and global challenges of these times.

So, in the words of Belize Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, as proclaimed in his inaugural address at the footsteps of the National Assembly in Belmopan, Let the work (of national reconstruction) begin!

Warm and Tropical with Evening Trade Winds

The temperature in Belize is a major attraction for many from the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. Depending on your itinerary for the day's adventures — you will find cooler temperatures in the mountains of Belize and more humidity near the rain forests — you can be sure that the warm temperatures, tropical weather and natural beauty won't disappoint you. Even during Belize's winter months, the temperature drops no lower than 60 degrees and our water temperature also stays warm, only varying between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Month Average Daily
High Temperature
Average Daily
Low Temperature
Average Monthly
Precipitation (inches)
January 79.6 69.9 4.54
February 80.5 71.1 2.45
March 83.0 73.8 2.04
April 85.0 76.0 3.19
May 87.2 78.6 4.15
June 86.6 78.8 8.82
July 86.3 78.6 8.48
August 86.4 78.3 6.81
September 85.9 77.4 9.61
October 84.3 75.3 9.66
November 82.4 73.1 7.3
December 80.3 70.7 6.57

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