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Lubaantun Mayan Ruin & Cave Swimming

Located in the remote south of Belize is a magical 1300 year old Mayan ruin that is just waiting to share its story with you. Step into the past and imagine coming here as an early explorer, hacking your way through the jungle to the crumbling steps. Explore the dark shadows and hidden crevices until at last you have it in your hands. As you hold it up to the sky in adoration the rays of the Caribbean sun splinter blindingly through. You are mesmerized by the power of The Crystal Skull. The unsolved mystery of how and why it was created is just one of the stories surrounding Lubaantun. Come experience the magic for yourself and get a glimpse of that ancient world.


Description: Visit the Maya Ruin site of Lubaantun and then hike to the caves of Blue Creek, where you will go cave swimming.

Includes: Picnic lunch

Minimum: 6 people

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