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Belize Snorkeling

Robert's Grove has its own fleet of boats and professional guides ready to take you on an unforgettable Belize snorkeling adventure. We'll whisk you away to Belize's Barrier Reef (the second largest in the world) and the many beautiful cayes nearby, such as Laughing bird Caye National Park and Silk Caye.

We leave at 9:00 am from the lagoon side for the exciting blue water of the reef and cayes. Your tour guide will take the snorkelers to explore one side of the island beaches while the divers embark on the first of their two dives. Snorkelers and divers lunch together on the beach with box lunches prepared fresh from our kitchen. If there is a group of over 10, we either have a beach BBQ, or oven baked BBQ prepared by our kitchen.


Description: Snorkeling off our very own boat. Our licensed guides will show you the wonders of the reef and the many beautiful cayes that dot the Caribbean waters off our white, sandy beach.

Includes: Picnic lunch

Minimum: 6 people

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